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Carr Company has agreed to acquire substantially all assets of Suncoast Sales LLC in accordance with a purchase agreement. The acquisition brings together the experience, skills and talents of two successful Florida agencies to expand footprint and scale. Additionally, it offers quicker execution for our manufacturers and a consolidated line card of synergistic products that can be bundled to create integrated solutions.

This acquisition created a larger and more dynamic sales team with experience that will increase the number and frequency of our customer engagements and provides a greater support system for our manufacturers and customers. It also drives demand in the market for manufacturers within industries like hospitality and residential buildings throughout the state of Florida. Our customers who benefit from the acquisition include builders, architects, engineers, designers, distributors, and contractors of various industries.

Former Suncoast Sales owners Dan O’Sullivan and Laura Walters have accepted new roles with Carr Company. Michael Hobbs remained the owner and president of Carr Company.

All current personnel with Suncoast Sales have been retained and are now representing Carr Company. Suncoast Sales’ office location and warehouse in Tampa remains open. Carr Company continues to be on the leading edge of change, driving innovation and enhancements within the industry.

About Carr Company

Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, Carr Company is a third-generation, family-owned manufacturer’s representative firm specializing in the marketing and demand generation for products in the rough and decorative plumbing industry. Our powerful line card combined with our experience and relationships allows us to create value and synergistic solutions for our customers across many product categories and channels within the residential and commercial construction industry in Florida.

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