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Get the Support You Need With Our B2B Inside Sales Experts

Outsource your inside sales today and see the benefits of our internal sales team almost immediately! We offer a full range of support including:

  • Customer service
  • Job quotations
  • Order processing
  • Billing
  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing
  • Sales analysis

Leverage our decades of experience in manufacturing, plumbing supply, and the Florida market. With Carr Company B2B outsourced inside sales, you can gain momentum, market stability and market share with enduring processes that work.

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What can you expect when you outsource inside sales team members?

Inside sales outsourcing covers a variety of services that your internal teams can benefit from. From providing quotes and taking customer information to complete sales to local administrative assistance and customer support, we offer inside sales solutions to support the entire sales cycle. We take the weight off your shoulders so your business has the space to thrive.

Reduce costs by choosing to outsource B2B inside sales.

The costs of running your own sales support team quickly stack higher and higher. Just getting customer service and sales experts in the door is a struggle, much less holding on to them once you have them fully trained.

You will need to offer competitive benefits to attract and retain the best talent, find management for your sales team, and offer competitive wages for your area. The costs quickly accumulate and get out of hand. Let us take this burden off your shoulders so you can enjoy excellent inside sales at a fraction of the expense.

Our B2B inside sales outsourcing service gives you flexibility.

If you are agile in a market that is rapidly changing, outsourcing your inside sales representatives will help you to achieve greater success. Outsourcing B2B inside sales gives you the flexibility to grow quickly.

It takes a lot of time and effort to put together the in-house sales resources you require to ramp your company up for a fresh market, a new product launch, or simply to keep up to speed with an especially effective advertising program.

When you choose to outsource B2B inside sales with Carr Company, you choose a sales partner that gives you the ability to move faster, so you can take immediate advantage of opportunities within the plumbing and manufacturing markets.

What kinds of businesses do we work with?

Many business owners wonder whether or not outsourced inside sales is going to be right for them. The truth is that any sort of B2B company could benefit from this. Outsourcing the inside sales function of your business to a professional and experienced firm like Carr Company can bring about exceptional ROI. Here are some of the businesses that we have worked with and continue to work with:

  • Manufacturers – We have years of experience working directly with manufacturers, helping them bring their products to market quickly and effectively.
  • Plumbing Suppliers – Our inside sales reps are especially adept at working with plumbing equipment manufacturers and suppliers throughout Florida.
  • Large organizations – Large companies work with us so that they can scale up or down our service whenever required with little disruption to their operations.
  • Inside sales programs – We can also help businesses looking to develop inside sales programs. No two inside sales programs are the same, so you will never find a one size fits all approach with Carr Company.
  • Emerging companies – Emerging businesses that require the expertise, space, systems, and talent required to build an effective inside sales business can benefit from our services. You can focus your money and efforts on other areas of your business while we take care of this for you.

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